What to Expect

Let's Get Started!

Let’s get to know each other. We discuss your vision, goals, and objectives in a free consultation.

Make a game plan. Formulations are finalized in a collaborative effort, and we go over important aspects such as branding (including package, label design, closures, etc.), licensing, and compliance.

Check out the blueprints. Southwest Sixth Beverages will offer a proposal for your consideration.

Now the fun begins. Once the proposal is accepted, we enter the procurement and production phase. We work hard on producing your product while you focus on building your brand.

Final inspections. You give the product first article inspection, and we ensure a final, thorough quality check before shipment.

Time to enjoy. We deliver the product to your door, and you’re ready to hit the market!

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“Our goal is to follow through on what we say, deliver quick turnaround times, and offer competitive pricing. We begin by committing to a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (MNDA) to ensure your products and concepts are kept confidential and private. Each customer must be treated with respect and honesty to foster a mutually beneficial, long-term working relationship. Whether you are starting with a simple idea or already have a well-established brand, Southwest Sixth Beverages can offer assistance with procurement, production, blending, canning, bottling, warehousing, and shipping requirements through our dependable network of industry connections.”

– Bruce Kucera (Managing Member)

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